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Helping Students with Lecture & Discussion Outlines for Online Art History Classes

If you found yourself unable to concentrate due to the stressors, fears, and upset of COVID-19, then you were not alone. I found my ability to focus on small tasks almost impossible at moments. I also had the hardest time retaining information. With frequent check-ins with my students, it was clear they too were struggling as well. We brainstormed at… Read more →

PowerUp, or optional activities for deeper student engagement in art history

#TriageTreaching2020 Many of us have now finished this semester and are still trying to handle all the adjustments, shifts, emotions, trauma, and more that took place since March 2020. I had intended to post more during this time, but like many of us, I have not had time or, frankly, a desire to do much of anything. A couple weeks… Read more →

Teaching Activities for Covid-19

I thought it might be useful to share some activities that I created in light of the covid-19 pandemic. These are all activities that I created in a space of a day (!!!). A couple are based on ones I’ve used in class multiple times; others are brand new, but do the work of an activity or discussion I might… Read more →