Digital Art History

Are you interested in teaching digital art history (DAH)? Are you interested in learning more yourself? Below are a few resources to get you started. I regularly teaching classes that center DAH practices, methods, and tools, so if you have questions by all means reach out to me.

Some Blog Posts to Get You Started

I regularly blog about ways in which I incorporate DAH into my classes. A few of those posts that you might begin with include these:

Content Management System

Teach students how to use a content management system (CMS):

  • Do you use Blackboard, Canvas, or Sakai? Or even WordPress? Well, then you know how to use a CMS. If you want to introduce students to using a CMS, especially one that is public facing, then you might check out Omeka.
  • Omeka: If you are interested in using Omeka, you might check out this article I wrote about using in a pre-Columbian art survey class. It also discusses how I incorporate smaller digital art history assignments into the class.

Digital Visual Storytelling (How to make videos and audios!)

Teach students about digital visual storytelling. I can’t even tell you how transformative it has been for me personally to learn more about this, as well as to learn some important foundational skills and tools. I can also say that it has been equally transformative for students. Here are some resources to get you started:

  • Naraelle Hohensee on the value of storytelling in the Digital Humanities for AHTR
  • Naraelle Hohensee, digital toolkit, part 1: podcasting and video production
    • includes a link to a lovely syllabus that she has graciously shared
  • And here are the excellent materials on Smarthistory that describe recording and editing audio, working with images, and producing video (Nara’s essays above are directly related to these–she helped to create them on Smarthistory!).
  • Here is a sample video that a student of mine (the lovely Julia Campbell) made during a class in summer 2018. The audio sound isn’t of the highest quality, but how she edited is excellent, and the final video is wonderful.