Editing and Consulting


It took me years to admit to myself that I actually love editing, especially developmental editing. The collaboration between author and editor to develop a piece of writing is important and thrilling, and it is one that I have a lot of experience with—I’ve worked with hundreds of authors to grow, refine, and revise essays related to art history, history, and pedagogy—everything from very scholarly essays in edited volumes and journals to shorter accessible essays for public audiences. In more recent years I’ve even dabbled in editing fiction and non-fiction (completely unrelated to my academic interests).

I offer editorial guidance and support in a number of different ways, and I do my best to tailor feedback to authors in whatever way seems most beneficial to them. I am typically very efficient at returning feedback, realizing that deadlines are extremely important.

If you are interested in the types of editorial services I offer, please reach out to me.

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I have a lot of experience with different types of pedagogical approaches (including flipping the classroom and Team-Based Learning) and strategies for creating accessible and engaging classrooms, digital environments, and more—both in person and online. I’ve spent the better part of the past decade invested in digital art history and digital humanities approaches and ideas as well, having students using platforms like Omeka, building websites and projects with them, or working in a variety of capacities with organizations like Smarthistory. With these varied experiences I’ve also developed a vast skill set that I am always happy to help others learn. Among the skills that I would be happy to consult about are recording audio and editing it with Garageband or Audacity, producing videos in Screenflow, basic knowledge of Photoshop that most art historians (and others!) would benefit from knowing, and more. I’ve worked with programs like Trello and others to help manage workflow for massive projects that require organization and management.

I am also able to help with aspects of digital content development and management.

If you are interested in consulting with me about any of these experiences, approaches, or skills, please reach out. I look forward to finding a way to work together.

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