Digital Tools, Platforms, Repositories, and More

This is a running tab of useful information gathered in one location. Eventually I will try to provide some of my thoughts on each tool (stay tuned). This list is by no means comprehensive. It represents tools I’ve been using or sites I’ve found useful.

Image and Video Annotation Tools

  1. Thinglink
  2. Youtube Annotation
  3. Zotero (this probably should be under “other”)
  4. Animoto
  5. Prezi

Platforms and CMS

  1. WordPress
  2. Omeka
  3. Scalar
  4. Drupal Gardens


  1. Google Maps
  2. Google Fusion Table
  3. Georeferencer
  4. NYPL Map Warper
  5. Story Map JS
  6. Geolocation for Omeka (requires you to install it)

Data Mining

  1. Google N-gram
  2. Bookworm
  3. Voyant-Tools
  4. Open Calais
  5. Serendip-o-matic


  1. Excel
  2. Voyant-Tools (you can make bubblelines, etc.)
  3. Wordle
  4. ImagePlot
  5. ViewShare
  6. Palladio

Timeline Visualization

  1. ViewShare
  2. Dipity
  3. Neatline (plugin for Omeka)
  4. Timeline JS

Major Repositories

  1.  See the College Art Association’s updated list
  2. The Digital Art Historian’s Toolkit List (from UCLA’s Beyond the Digitized Slide Library)


  1. CommentPress


  1. Hemingway App

Learning to Code/Web Development/Web Design

  1. CodeAcademy
  3. Treehouse
  4. The Women’s Coding Collection (WCC)–my favorite at the moment

For design:

  1. Design-seeds: gorgeous color palettes with hex-codes.


  1. Tin Eye–a reverse image search
  2. Anthologize–Make online content into an e-book